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San Francisco, CA

Echo Oils integrated process provides a range of cannabinoids creating lab tested products that insure high quality precise content and concentrations.

Ocean Grown Extracts™ produces cannabis concentrates with the same integrity and attention to detail as cultivating our award-winning flowers. We grow our cannabis under local compliance free of pesticides, molds, or other contaminants. Our extraction method and process of purification leaves our oil free of harmful

When it comes to industrial botanical oil extraction systems, Vitalis is ahead of the curve. By combining outstanding engineering design with knowledge and experience honed in the oil & gas industry, the Vitalis difference is epitomized in the best in class flow rate, innovative separation technology, and inspired CO2

Todaro Robotics
San Diego, CA

Todaro Robotics is committed to providing best in class laboratory automation and robotic services to all laboratories, manufacturers, and cultivators.

San Diego, CA

With thousands of practical uses, including wellness, nutrition, fibers, textiles, and environmentally friendly construction materials, Kannaway’s goal is to help make hemp an essential part of commerce and farming once again. With this goal in mind and driven by a small group of hemp pioneers, Kannaway began our

Philadelphia, PA

Each of us is affected by mental illness or addiction in some way. After discovering the powerful benefits of CBD, we felt an obligation to make a difference. This is why we pledge to donate a portion of proceeds to NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness) to bring awareness to mental illness and addiction.

RAD Extractions
Palmer Lake, CO

Rad Extraction is the premier resource for Hemp CBD oil extraction. We are devoted to extracting the cleanest, most sustainable, and cost effective CBD oils on the market. We work with a select number of colorado hemp growers, who use organic growing methods, to source high quality, high CBD hemp. Using our

THC Design
Los Angeles, CA

THC Design is the leader in premium cannabis cultivation. Estate grown, single sourced flower provides consistent experiences with quality and safety across a wide spectrum of brands.

The very same people who risked arrest to provide cannabis after it became illegal are now the people who are being pushed out of the market. Billions of dollars are flooding into the industry from mega corporations and passing by those who need it most. The way we grow helps people who are struggling because of

FILTR by Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions is purpose-built air purification for the Cannabis industry, based on 30 years of clean room experience serving Pharma, Aerospace, Life Sciences, and the Semiconductor markets to name a few. Providing 12,000 cubic feet of space 3.5 air exchanges per hour, FILTR screena viable

Rio Vista Farms
Rio Vista, CA

Rio Vista Farms is a Licensed Cannabis Micro-Business in Rio Vista, California. The facility in Rio Vista is fully integrated with Cultivation, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Retail Storefront departments. The dream behind Rio Vista Farms is to provide quality & safe Cannabis products to adults in the Delta region

Trinity Trichomes is a small family farm located near Hayfork in Trinity County, California. We love growing cannabis in this remote area of the country and take advantage of an ideal growing climate to produce the finest sun-grown premium cannabis these mountains have to offer. Our craft products are currently