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Max Media
Haiku-Pauwela, HI

When it comes to advertising and marketing Cannabis-related products and services, nobody in the media industry can beat the knowledge, experience, and know-how of John Graziano and Max Media. In 2012, John recognized that Cannabis was medicine.  He looked into the antiquated Marijuana laws, and soon realized that

LMI+D | Linda Modica Innovation + Design is a creative studio located just outside of Princeton, NJ.  It has been creating recognizable + branded identities for the cannabis industry since 2014 including designing for the national "Cannabis Business Summit™ and Expo" as well as other high profile cannabis trade

WE CREATE INTERACTIVE BRAND EXPERIENCES THAT RESONATE GLOBALLY – AND WE DO IT AS A TEAM. Most people are surprised to find out we’re a small agency, especially when they learn we’re 100% in-house. But if there’s one thing our group agrees on, it’s the importance of quality! And we believe the key to quality

Green Fire Brands is a full-service Public Relations & Marketing Agency for the flourishing cannabis industry.  We are a seasoned team of PR, Marketing, Digital and Branding experts with over 60 + years of combined expertise – we have worked with thousands of top brands in a variety of industries over the past 20

Green Growth believes if you invest in your people, they invest in your clients. We are a company that understands the importance of valuing both your internal and external team. As a client, you’ll feel like you have your own personal marketing team when you work with us.

Go and Grow Ltd
Kokhav Ya'ir Tzur Yigal

We at GO AND GROW developed a high-quality greenhouse containing all necessary items for growing with minimal time and investment and according to state laws for cannabis growth. Our product is sold as a DIY kit and allows the purchaser to begin growing almost immediately. Our high-quality greenhouses are suited for

Crewasis is the brain behind your brand through the power of data and analytics.  Now brand owners can focus on what they do best, develop great products! Our mission is to provide you with data that will grow your sales to outperform the competition, improve customer perception & deliver your brand’s value.

Cphere™ leadership brings years of valuable experience, previously executing at leading global AdTech and MarTech companies with multiple $100M+ exits. Developing AI frameworks, complex compliance systems and consulting global Fortune 100/500 brands & agencies on data-driven communications strategies that drive

Cannalytic Insights is an international, medical marketing and research organization with over 60 years’ experience in the pharma/biotech industry.  We strongly believe in educating and promoting MMJ to the healthcare community.  This accomplishes: Providing healthcare providers with the logistical and clinical

We view a business in two distinct parts. One part is the functional workings of the business. The other part is all communicating with customers. Making sure you communicate properly with your customers is what Lush Leaf is all about. Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, and Public Relations are all specific, and

Cannabis Club TV
Santa Cruz, CA

Cannabis Club TV is the premier digital marketing TV network that connects brands to consumers while making purchasing decisions in the dispensary.

Calm Collectiv LLC is the most trusted publication in USA covering all the latest news for cannabis businesses including new legislation, bill updates, marijuana news, cannabis edibles and marijuana side effects.