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ElectriGarden Holdings, Inc.

5100 Via Dolce Marina Del Rey CA 90292

About the company

Electrigarden is a product & brand ip licensing company, (like nike & virgin), with long term, locked-in affiliate partners which cultivate, manufacture and distribute cannabis packaged goods on a wholesale basis. 

By integrating product design and brand ip with our lowest-cost cultivation strategy and a high-tech, high-empathy focus on our customers, we deliver consistently high-quality, positive experiences for customers, partners and investors. This is the path to leading market share and brands that stand the test of time. 

The company has focused on the highest profit margin, highest long-term equity value and lowest capex part of the value chain, with the goal of world-class commercialization of the industry using large enterprise cpg strategies. All in a fed-compliant, non-plant-touching structure.

Though we’ve created content for the largest hollywood studio, tv  networks, and fortune 500 brands, we’ve also brought products, new brands and large direct-to-consumer commerce and distribution systems to market. We’ve previously solved retail channel conflict with these systems that applies to this regulated market perfectly.     

We hold the bar high for ourselves on strategy and financial execution.

Key competitive advantages of our products:

Branded aspirationally to consumer’s unconscious preferences  using proven neuro-technology enabled consumer research.



Capitalizing on a tripling of demand in total worldwide spending, the two biggest single markets by far will be Canada and California. Each have populations in the 38- to 40-million range, double-digit monthly cannabis consumption percentage rates among adults and well-developed legal infrastructures from the medical-only era. An important distinction, not usually mentioned by industry pundits, is that in the US each state market is different in terms of demand and pricing dynamics and regulatory issues. Market GapsINDUSTRY MANAGEMENT GAP: Large-enterprise management, necessary for leading and sustaining market share, is lagging the state of the industry.

A misperception of structural risk creates a delayed entry of top management talent, creating a management gap. The contrasting core competencies of Brand Development, Start-Up Speed, Public Enterprise rigor, Resiliency & Systems Thinking, must be integrated into senior management to enable risk-managed speed AND market leadership. The gap is the ante for long-term participation; the unusual integration of competencies can lead the industry.

INDUSTRY BRAND GAP: Weak consumer brand mindshare, none secured with defensible positioning. i.e, there is a wide distribution of brands with low mindshare.

Brand is Trust; product & people make or break it. Inconsistent product quality and performance for the targeted consumer segment is a gap. Brand is a Value Driver. The industry, in general, operates as if Brand is a logo and package design. Big Gap and Big Opportunity.
Industry management required knowledge and conviction for the investment necessary to build & secure leading Brand Mindshare is estimated to be low.

INDUSTRY GRC GAP: The absence of serious, formalized, Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) is an invitation for suspension for non-compliance, lawsuits, and failure.

The absence of formalized GRC in a highly regulated industry may result in product liability suits or suspension for non-compliance, as was witnessed by the recent license suspension of CannTrust. This a difficult fix after the fact and a Culture of Compliance must be integrated into processes Day One.

California demand, contrary to national news like 60 minutes, is currently high. There is a limited number of licensees that are profitable and well-financed and pricing is higher than last year.


Born out of investment research for a family fund, and the discovery of certain market gaps and structural risk misperceptions, the search for a cannabis investment gem turned into the determination to build one. 12 months of R&D later, a highly qualified management team selected for those market gaps, as well as large enterprise and venture experience, and speed-to-market capabilities, is launching Electrigarden, with the strategy and goal to be the eventual “Anheuser Busch” or “Diageo” of this recently lifted modern Prohibition. But looking much more like a “Nike” or “Virgin”. ElectriGarden is taking a longer-term view of what it means to win market leadership and the positive impact we can make on people’s lives everyday as well as sustainable food technology for the future.

By avoiding the gamble of pioneer errors, losses and capital burn, ElectriGarden has patiently and intelligently chosen the right land, supply chain partners, licensing, fed-compliant structure, and strategy to enter and gain leading market and brand share in the CA market within 2 years. By waiting for CA regulatory volatility to settle and structuring for a high level of institutional capital deployment in the next 2 years, the company will be profitable in FY1, enabling a planned 15-18 month investment horizon to investor liquidity. 

The ElectriGarden team is excited to announce our Series A Capital Raise of 10M, which is structured as $8M Equity in ElectriGarden Holdings, and $2M for the additional funds to purchase 315 acres of Certified Organic farmland in North Santa Barbara County. The land was selected after passing through extensive risk-management filters to ensure the company’s scale and speed. At maximum capacity, leveraging ElectriGarden's integrated cultivation, product, brand and consumer direct strategy the land can produce $414M in bulk flower annually or $1.6B in CPG products. Initial funding was made by ElectriGarden Ventures, LLC, an incubator, and private investors.

The ElectriGarden management team collectively has: 

The analysis and planning during R&D uncovered strategy that we believe is the theoretically highest risk-adjusted return on investment for the industry. While theory and execution can never be insured to match, to enable that possibility, the company is structured as a USA federally compliant Product & Brand IP licensing company, with the benefit of Cannbis-related value acceleration. This may allow investors unsure of investing in cannabis and institutional funds to join ElectriGarden in leveraging the window between regulatory volatility in CA and the entry of big conglomerates. The team has significant relationships within the industry, and we have the supply chain support of one of the largest and well-known and well-operated companies to support our market entry at speed.

ElectriGarden proforma financials with FY1 base case revenues of $87.6M, a low case of $58.9M and high case of $103.4M indicate that even at historic average market multiples of forward EBITDA, the planned liquidity and growth capital event in Q2,’21 may produce the theoretical returns we are targeting.


Investment details are reserved for those who have created a free investor profile and indicated that they are accredited.


Investment details are reserved for those who have created a free investor profile and indicated that they are accredited.

Risk disclosures

Investment details are reserved for those who have created a free investor profile and indicated that they are accredited.