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Where do 2020 Presidential Candidates Stand on Cannabis?

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Whether we are ready or not, 2020 will be a big year for cannabis. As an election year, it is important for voters to stay educated on the policies and values of all the candidates, particularly as they relate to cannabis legalities. Below are the presidential candidates still in the running as of February 2020 and where each of them stand on the issue of cannabis.

Democratic Candidates

1. Joe Biden

Former Vice President is a strong proponent for the War on Drugs. He opposes federal legalization and instead wants to move it to a Schedule II classification.

2. Bernie Sanders

The Vermont Senator has a consistent, pro-cannabis record dating back 20 years. He recently co-sponsored the Marijuana Justice Act.

3. Amy Klobuchar

The Minnesota Senator supports the STATE Act but not the Marijuana Justice Act. She says she supports adult-use and medical cannabis and that states should have the power to regulate cannabis.

4. Pete Buttigieg

The former South Bend, Indiana Mayor is against the War on Drugs. He wants to end cannabis prohibition on the basis of racial justice.

5. Tulsi Gabbard

The Hawaii Representative has co-sponsored several pro-cannabis bills. She supports increased veteran access to medical cannabis and introduced the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act. She believes states should have the power to regulate cannabis.

6. Elizabeth Warren

The Massachusetts Senator did not support Massachusetts adult-use legislation in 2016. However, she has supported cannabis reform though the STATE Act and wants to end federal prohibition for criminal justice reform.

7. Andrew Yang

The entrepreneur is pro-legalization. His focus is on legalizing cannabis for racial justice reform, pardoning those who have violated federal marijuana laws.

8. Michael Bennet

The Colorado Senator did not support his state's legalization efforts in 2012. However, today the Senator is pro-cannabis and pro-hemp. He signed the 2019 Marijuana Justice Act.

9. Tom Steyer

The billionaire and climate change advocate supports legalization, but not fervently. He has acknowledged how federal scheduling causes issues for cannabis banking.

10. Deval Patrick

The former Massachusetts Governor does not seem to support cannabis. He opposed decriminalization proposals in Massachusetts during his tenure and had concerns about medical cannabis. However, Mr. Patrick is in favor of justice reform.

11. Mike Bloomberg

The former New York City Mayor is not likely in support of cannabis. He has a history of speaking out against cannabis reform and opposes legalization.

Republican Candidates

1. President Donald Trump

President Trump's record on cannabis is not entirely clear. His administration has taken action to limit cannabis access to veterans. President Trump has made statements about cannabis as a state decision, not a federal one.

2. William "Bill" Weld

The former Massachusetts Governor is a candidate with the Libertarian Party. Mr. Weld has supported medical cannabis since the 90's. He is also a board member on the cannabis company, Acreage Holdings.

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