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CannaRegs, Inc. Launches First Nationwide Hemp/CBD Regulatory Platform

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CannaRegs, Inc., the industry's first technology platform monitoring cannabis regulations and taxation at the municipal, state and federal level, recently announced hemp and CBD coverage in all 50 states. CannaRegs provides the most comprehensive cannabis-related legal reports in the nation and is a trusted resource to hundreds of local and MSO businesses.

CannaRegs' latest expansion gives CBD businesses, cultivators, manufacturers, testing facilities and transportation providers the tools to stay compliant at every stage in their production. Legal teams will be able to obtain real-time documents regarding local and federal announcements, ballot measures, enforcement, fee schedules, forms, and filing instructions. Businesses will also be able to access information regarding specific areas of interest, including advertising, applications, banking, safety, labeling, operations, record keeping, regulation enforcement, taxes and zoning.

"The sharp demand for hemp and CBD products in recent years has made it a multi-billion dollar industry, and we saw the endless opportunities to help businesses operate compliantly in this often convoluted space," said Amanda Ostrowitz, Founder and CEO of CannaRegs. "We have a brilliant team of lawyers and researchers that are committed to making CannaRegs a reliable one stop shop for all businesses interested in entering the CBD market. We take a personal and local approach to legal guidance and are proud to now serve businesses in every state."

A former Federal Reserve Banking attorney, Amanda Ostrowitz saw an unmet need for specialized access to regulatory data in highly regulated and hyper-local market sectors. In 2014, she founded the parent company, RegsTechnology, and began to build CannaRegs as the first vertical market served. The CannaRegs platform uses machine learning algorithms backed and edited by a seasoned legal team to aggregate trusted, fact-based data about cannabis guidelines. RegsTechnology plans to expand to other industries that require real-time monitoring, like transit and home sharing.





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