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Comedian Chelsea Handler Launches into the Cannabis Industry

Industry News Brooklin Martino

Greenwich Time recently wrote an interesting article about comedian, Chelsea Handler. Author Jonathon Small explains how Handler is preparing to launch her new and upcoming cannabis line. Handler also goes into detail on how the plant changed her life. 

Cannabis has always been an interest for Handler. However, she claims that after Trump became President was when she started using edibles more often. Handler states, “I really just needed to take it down a notch, to be still, to not watch the news on a loop, and to chill out.” She says that what helped her most through this time was the cannabis.

As Handler is about to launch her new cannabis line, she seeks to add one more job to her list of many titles - entrepreneur. Her line (no finalized name yet) is seen to carry a variety of pre-rolls and edibles ranging from small gummies to chocolate. 

In time, she plans to launch her vape products for the company. However, considering the recent news involving vaping products, she would rather play it safe and take the time to perfect her formula. Handler makes it apparent to consumers that she cares more about the quality and safety of her products and wants to make sure that everything is set in place before she releases it to the public. 

Chelsea has goals that she is eager to reach while empowering the cannabis community as much as she can. Handler wants to change the image of Marijuana to no longer be frowned upon.

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