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Drug Decriminalization called for by UK Parliament Committee

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Published yesterday by the Marijuana Moment, author Kyle Jaeger explores the process of decriminalization of drug possession happening in the UK House of Commons. To prevent further deaths caused by overdose, the establishment of safe consumption sites has been supported by the UK House of Commons.

The Scottish Affairs Committee surmised that the UK government should handle drug use as a health issue as opposed to a criminal justice one. The Committee released a report that recommends making marijuana a low-level drug possession. 

The Health and Social Care Committee stated in the previous month that drugs should not be considered a criminal justice matter, expressing their support for decriminalization. This is creating a major mainstream appeal for decriminalization across the globe. 

Scotland’s ruling party (third largest in the UK Parliament) just recently came to support this policy change. 

Many of the United States Democratic presidential candidates are supporting decriminalization, showing that they are in fact in favor of removing criminal punishments for possession of all illicit drugs. 

Denver and Oakland are the first two cities in the US to take possession and cultivation of the drug a low priority to enforce criminal law. This movement is spreading fast around the world and is expected to increase decriminalization everywhere. 

In a poll conducted and released last month, 55 percent of Americans are supporting the decriminalization of drugs. 

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