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Kali-Extracts Continues Cannabinoid Testing For CBD Extraction Contract Worth Anticipated $5 Million

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Kali-Extracts, Inc. announced its continued cannabinoid testing on hemp flowers from its consigned hemp field in New York.  KALY has entered into a contract to extract CBD from a hemp crop managed by a licensed hemp grower in the State of New York.  The contract is anticipated to generate as much as $5 million in revenue for KALY. The company is conducting regular periodic testing on hemp flowers from the consigned crop in New York.  The plants are approaching harvesting maturity and the purpose of the ongoing tests are to time the optimal harvest time to yield the highest CBD quality and content. Current estimates expect harvesting to begin soon.  Ongoing test results may enable KALY to secure pre-harvest contracts on CBD. The company has already received inquiries validating the potential of pre-harvest contracts.




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