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Kali Extracts Patented Cannabis Extraction Process Used To Develop $13 Billion Market Foothold By NOUV

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Kali-Extracts, Inc. announced its U.S. Patented Cannabis Extraction Process was featured in a corporate update issued by Nouveau, Inc. (aka Nouveau Life Pharmaceuticals) (USOTC: NOUV).  NOUV has engaged KALY to extract CBD from hemp. NOUV is a cannabis cultivation company and anticipates generating $10 million in revenue in 2020 primarily from the production and sales of CBD.  NOUV has consigned its hemp cultivation to KALY extracts in an agreement where KALY will make NOUV’s CBD under the Kali-Extracts brand name. KALY currently has extraction contracts worth a potential $15 million in sales and recently announced new extraction opportunities starting to roll in with the current hemp harvest season underway.  NOUV’s update today discussed in more detail the company’s strategy to develop its own share of the industrial hemp sector anticipated reaching $13 billion by 2026.





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