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Puration Begins Pre-Marketing CBD Infused Beer, Coffee, and Tea

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Puration, Inc. announced the company has launched a pre-marketing campaign of its new CBD Infused beer, coffee, and tea beverages.  PURA recently implemented a program to introduce CBD infused versions of existing third-party beverages. The company has announced plans to introduce a CBD infused beer in partnership with an existing beer producer and in a similar fashion, PURA has partnered with an existing coffee producer and tea producer to introduce CBD infused coffee and tea.  PURA is already a leading CBD infused beverage company has produced over $1 million in CBD Beverages in the United States last year (2018) and reporting over $1 million in CBD Beverages for just the first six months of 2019. PURA has targeted $4 million in sales for 2019. The company recently published a presentation on its beer, coffee and tea initiative that is included in its entirety on the company’s website.  The pre-marketing campaign announced today involves a market survey on CBD beverages.  The data collected will be used to target PURA’s marketing direction for CBD infused beer, coffee, and tea.




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