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Puration Views Canopy Growth Sports Beverage Acquisition Targeting $50 Billion Market As Good News For PURA

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Puration, Inc. highlighted Canopy Growth’s acquisition of sports beverage maker BioSteel Sports Nutrition. PURA introduced its own CBD infused sports drink in 2017 reporting its first million in sales in 2018 and targeting $4 million in sales this year in 2019.  PURA management views Canopy Growth’s entrance into the $50 billion sports nutrition market as a validation of PURA’s strategic direction with its own EVERx CBD Sports Water. Aurora Cannabis also recently entered the sector through a deal with the UFC. PURA management believes PURA is a step ahead of the big money cannabis players with its EVERx experience.  “EVERx has refined its formula based on a U.S. Patented Cannabis Extraction Process multiple times since its launch in reaction to live production and marketing experiences that neither Canopy nor Aurora have had the opportunity yet to experience for themselves,” said PURA CEO Brian Shibley. EVERx has also had the opportunity to establish brand recognition in the sports nutrition market largely through its ongoing marketing campaign with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Worldwide Sports Festival.  Shibley added, “Aurora and Canopy’s entrance into the sports nutrition market validates CBD as valuable to fitness enthusiast and athletes. Their entrance is likely to bring even more attention to CBD as a sports nutrition additive bringing more fitness enthusiasts and athletes looking for a beverage and that’s likely to be good for EVERx sales.”





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