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Financing any small growing business in today’s world is challenging establishing and growing a cannabis business is as tough as it gets. Its 2019 and cannabis is recreationally legal in just a few states it’s medically legal in most states but there’s still a handful of states that don’t allow cannabis at all the barriers to capital exist at every level since cannabis still isn’t federally legal. Wrazel is a place where cannabis companies and cannabis businesses can raise capital, find investors, and secure the funding they need to meet their business goals.


How It Works

Apply with Wrazel. Once our team approves your account, you’ll be able to upload your investment opportunity on the Wrazel platform. Investors will view your opportunity to decide if it’s right for them. Once you find the right investor, they’re able to invest in your business directly through Wrazel.


Why Companies Work with Us

Not sure if this is the right way for you to secure funding? Wrazel helps cannabis industry companies and cannabis businesses raise capital and secure funding in a safe, efficient way that other platforms can’t match. When you seek funding through Wrazel, you’ll gain access to:


Apply today to raise capital



Gain access to accredited investors looking to invest into cannabis businesses.


SEC/FINRA Check gives you credibility in the eyes of accredited investors.

Direct Investment

Direct investment from accredited investors, so you know who expresses interest in your company.

Manage Offerings

Manage and update your offer, so investors always have the most current information.

Assistance & Guidance

Help prepare all necessary documents to empower investors to express interest in your company.

Safe & Secure

Our 256-bit encryption makes for safe and secure protection to protect your information.​


No costs or obligation when applying